meet our team

Our specialist cryptocurrency tax team are technology focused Chartered Accountants with a passion for all things blockchain. As active participants in the crypto ecosystem they have become increasingly aware of the widespread misunderstanding of the crypto tax implications of many of the novel transactions that occur when interacting with decentralised protocols. As this technology continues to gain adoption at an astonishing rate, it has become clear to our Directors there will continue to be a growing demand for professionals that possess a deep understanding of the technology, protocols and their use cases in order to service the next generation of enterprise that will be built on blockchain technology.

Crypto Tax Accountant - Oliver Woodbridge

Oliver Woodbridge


As a Chartered Accountant, Oliver has spent his professional career providing accounting, taxation and business growth advisory services to clients across a broad range of industries. Always placing his client’s interests at the forefront of his endeavours, Oliver takes the time to understand his client’s personal circumstances, working closely with them to develop their strategic objectives, enabling him to deliver tailored solutions that produce positive outcomes.

Oliver has developed a wealth of experience in the areas of taxation and accounting, advising private clients and small to large businesses alike. He has developed expertise in formulating tax planning strategies, group/business structuring and general tax advice covering both private and business matters.

In the later stage of his career, Oliver has continued to build on his financial expertise by focusing on developing skills and experience in business growth advisory where he works with his clients to derive insightful and valuable information from their financial data, enabling his clients to better understand the key drivers of their businesses and allowing them to refine their strategic decision making to ultimately drive growth and profitability.

Oliver entered the world of crypto in mid 2017 when he was first introduced to Ethereum and which ultimately led him down a much deeper rabbit hole of other digital assets. He maintained interest in the space through the bear market of 2018 and 2019 and after realising the immense efficiencies decentralised networks can bring to the global economy he has since become increasingly passionate about the world of decentralised finance, Web 3.0 and the broader Metaverse. The borderless access to capital and frictionless transfer of wealth made possible by blockchain has served as the foundation of Oliver’s belief that this technology will transform the traditional financial world and he expects other industries and business models to also be redefined by more efficient decentralised networks. Like many crypto enthusiasts, Oliver shares a vision for a decentralised future that will allow for censorship-resistant and permissionless participation in financial markets and services and, ultimately, a fairer and more efficient global economy.


  • Chartered Accountant - CA ANZ​

  • Bachelor of Commerce  - University of Queensland

Crypto Tax Accountant - Rafael Franco

Rafael Franco


Through Rafael's career in the accounting and financial services industry he has developed specialised knowledge in the disciplines of tax and accounting. The expertise he has developed over the course of his career provides him with the ability to navigate complex business issues and to develop innovative tax minimisation strategies. After servicing clients operating in traditional and well-established industries for the majority of his career, Rafael feels he is ready for a new challenge and is eager to bring his expertise to an entirely new industry that he is personally passionate about. As a cryptocurrency tax accountant, Rafael sees a growing disconnect between traditional accountants and those operating in the crypto space and sees an opportunity to add value to this rapidly evolving industry and contribute to what he believes will be the future of enterprise.

Rafael began his journey in the digital asset space in 2017 and over the course of several years has developed a comprehensive understanding of the crypto market and its intricacies. After experiencing several market cycles, Rafael's journey has seen digital assets evolve from what many perceived to be a tulip-like bubble to an innovative asset class disrupting many industries today and which has begun to see the adoption from governments, corporations and fund managers.

In addition to his interest in Bitcoin, Rafael  participates in the innovative activity occurring on programmable blockchains like Ethereum and has developed keen interests in decentralised finance and all things relating to NFTs and the Metaverse.

Digital assets have become a passion of Rafael's, and coupled with the knowledge he has acquired as a Tax  Advisor, he not only hopes to add value to the activities of other crypto participants, but also to work collaboratively with Australian regulators to help drive fair and logical crypto tax and accounting legislation.


  • Chartered Accountant - CA ANZ​

  • Bachelor of Commerce - University of Queensland

  • Bachelor of Business Management - University of Queensland