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tax reports

Whether you’re passively investing, regularly trading, yield farming, working for a DAO or doing anything in between, our team of crypto accountants takes the headache out of determining your crypto-related taxable income. We will review both your trading history and other on-chain activities in order to deliver a comprehensive crypto tax report to be used to lodge your annual tax return. Our  cryptocurrency capital gains tax report will collate and summarise data across all cryptocurrency related products and services, including:

  • Centralised & decentralised exchanges

  • DeFi protocols

  • Staking

  • NFT marketplaces

  • The Metaverse

tax return preparation

Our Australian crypto accountants assist clients in preparing and lodging their cryptocurrency tax returns, giving them peace of mind knowing they are reporting the correct information to the Australian Tax Office. We collate non-crypto information as well to ensure income generated by our client's other investments, jobs and businesses are correctly accounted for. Further yet, we will liaise directly with the ATO on your behalf should they request clarification or verification of your reported earnings.

tax advice

Our Australian crypto accountants have an in-depth understanding of the crypto ecosystem and the tax implications of investing in cryptocurrencies and transacting on decentralised blockchains. Our crypto accountants assess clients’ activities to provide advice tailored to their personal circumstances, ensuring they understand their tax, compliance and other reporting obligations.

tax planning

Our cryptocurrency tax professionals work with clients in reviewing their activities throughout the financial year, giving them the opportunity to determine their expected taxable earnings, allowing them to plan appropriately and implement strategies to reduce their crypto tax liability and ultimately preserve their capital held in cryptocurrencies.

tax structuring & asset protection

Appropriate structuring of your business and/or the vehicles that hold your crypto assets can bring tax efficiencies to ultimately reduce your cryptocurrency tax liabilities and enables you to better protect the assets you own and wealth you have created. Speak to one of our crypto tax accountants today to discuss how we can help your situation.


Pricing is dependent on the services you require and the work involved in calculating your crypto taxes. Contact us below for a no obligation personalised quote from one of crypto accountants.

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