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Our crypto tax accountants go through the process of providing you with detailed crypto tax reports which will assist with the preparation and lodgement of your income tax return. Whether you’re leverage trading, yield farming, hunting airdrops or trading NFTs, you can rest assured that our cryptocurrency tax experts have seen it all. As daunting as it might seem to prepare your crypto tax reports and reconcile potentially thousands of transactions, our crypto accountants makes the process as simple as possible, taking care of the grunt work to ensure you remain complaint in accordance with the relevant crypto tax rules that apply to you.

What is the process?

1. Initial meeting (optional)

Our 45-minute consultation with our crypto tax accountants allows us to provide tax advice (crypto and non-crypto related) that is specific to you and propose ways to help reduce your tax liabilities. We ensure you are aware of the tax implications of crypto, allowing you to make better decisions when engaging in various activities on-chain. 

3. Preparation of crypto tax report & crypto tax return

On most occasions, our crypto accountants aim to prepare your crypto tax return and crypto tax report within a 4 week timeframe. We provide a comprehensive crypto tax report which separately details your capital gains, income, derivative trading, inventory on hand, and full transaction history.

2. We provide a fixed quote

After receiving your crypto transaction data, we will provide you with a personalised fixed quote to prepare your crypto tax reports and crypto tax return.

4. Ongoing communication

We pride ourselves on being available to our clients at all times. We encourage our clients to contact us at any time throughout the year should they need some general tax advice from time to time at no extra cost.

Crypto tax report examples
Crypto Tax Report Summary

Detailed Reports

Complementing the Report Summary, our comprehensive crypto tax reports also include the following detailed sub-reports:

- Capital Gains Report

- Income Report

- Derivative Trading Report

- Inventory Report

- Miscellaneous Expense Report

- Trading Stock Report (for businesses/traders)

Report Summary

Our Report Summary neatly summaries your crypto tax position and separates your activity  into its relevant categories for tax purposes. Our crypto tax accountants are able to prepare and lodge your crypto tax return based off the figures in your crypto report summary.

Crypto Balances

The Report Balances will accurately detail your crypto balances at the end of each reported period, saving you the time of having to aggregate your cryptocurrency holdings balances from various different sources such as exchanges, private wallets and staking deposits. 

Transaction History

Our Transaction History report will detail each individual transaction you have made within the reported period from all sources, including on-chain wallets. Our Crypto Tax Reports don't miss a thing!

Crypto Report Summary
Crypto Tax Report Balances
Crypto Tax Transactions

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